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Inland Empire Small Business Development Center

Inland Empire Small Business Development Center

About Us


Your product or service has value for your customers - but who are they, how do you target them communicate with them, or reach them? Our marketing consultants can help you not only understand your customers but also help you grow, retain and delight them.

Our consultants can help you assess new technologies to create efficiencies in your business, help you review your inventory management processes, review your costs, develop processes and more.

Ready to finance your business, but not sure where to start? Or looking to refinance debt or expand your business? Our financial consultants can help you explore your financing options, securely package your loan, introduce you to our network of over 100 funding institutions and help you obtain the best loan terms.

Business Planning
Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand your business, our consultants work with you step by step to identify your business objectives then develop a written plan of action to include financial, management and operational strategies over a specified timeline.

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